As of Sept 2023


We require a 3-night non-refundable deposit to book a stay.  
Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred once, if a stay is cancelled 7 days before your planned arrival date. Deposits are non-transferable during peak season (Spring Break, Christmas and Summer.) Deposits can be transferred to a new stay or to an existing stay.  
Once a stay is cancelled you are given 7 days from confirmation of cancellation to transfer your deposit. We do not hold credits.  

Exemptions: Please tell us what is happening and why you are cancelling. We are more than willing to consider your situation though; this does not mean we will automatically hold a credit for you just because you explain.  


Payments for deposits can be made over the phone with Visa and MasterCard or preferably with Etransfer to info@catutopia.ca . We can also take a payment for deposit at a current stay in person or a viewing. We do not accept AMEX.

Payments for stays can be made with Visa, MasterCard or Debit at the time of your drop off or the day before with Visa, MasterCard or Etransfer. We also accept cash but we do not keep change on site – please bring exact change. 

All Payments are nonrefundable, you are welcome to pick up your kitty early, but we do not refund the remainder of your stay.  

You can make changes to your stay at any time though, there are limitations to when that is reflected on your bill:  
All year – we require 3 days’ notice to have a shortened stay reflected on your bill  
Peak season – we require 7 days’ notice to have a shortened stay reflected on your bill. Please note that extensions during peak season stays may not always be possible. 
Picking up early – you are welcome to pick up your kitty early, but we do not refund the remainder of the stay. 

Extended Stays  

30 nights are required to be paid for before you leave, and we will agree on a payment plan before or upon the day of your planned arrival with us. These payments plans will be paid with a credit card left with our staff at drop off.  

Any stay over 2 weeks (14 nights) will now be required to leave a credit card on file in our office. This will be for extensions or if your cat runs out of food. This is suggested for all stays.  

Booking Minimums

All Year – 3 nights  
Summer & Spring Break – 5 nights  
Christmas – 7 nights  


Our office is by appointment only and we offer 3 appointment types:  
Drop off: 9am-2:45pm  
Pick up: 9am-1pm, we can extend this to 2:45pm but we do charge for the night 
Viewings: 12:30-2:30, this usually takes 15-20 min – we do not accept viewings over Long Weekends, Spring Break or Christmas.  

Our office is open 7 days a week  We are closed Christmas Day and New Years Day

Our appointment times are every 15 minutes. Your appointment time starts at the time you have booked and lasts for a 15-minute time slot. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we require a phone call to rebook your appointment time.  

There will now be a $5 fee for coming outside of your appointment time, this is for being early and for being late. This will be added to the bill for those who do not call to rebook their time or ask if they can come early.  An email is not sufficient to rebook a time slot day of. If you call ahead of time to reschedule this fee does not apply. We want to stress that if you call ahead before you come into our office we do not charge this fee.

Why are appointment times important? 

The person(s) on shift every day has sanitizing, emails, phone calls, invoicing, cat cuddles, feeding and medications to do. They also have the right to a break during the day. All these things are organized around the appointment times selected by you. Your appointment starts at the time you book and lasts for 15 minutes. If you call to reschedule your appointment it helps us complete our work in a timely manner. 

Our policies aim to protect and prioritize the care of all the cats in our facility.