Appointment Information 

Why are appointment times important? 

The person(s) on shift every day has sanitizing, emails, phone calls, invoicing, cat cuddles, feeding and medications to do. They also have the right to a break during the day. All these things are organized around the appointment times selected by you. Your appointment starts at the time you book and lasts for 15 minutes. If you call to reschedule your appointment it helps us complete our work in a timely manner. 

Double Door Entry 

This is something that is very important to us! Please be mindful of the two signs that express that we need you to wait at our second entry door to ensure the safety of the animals in our care. There is a doorbell at the second door if a staff member does not see you right away.  

Drop off:  

Please come through our first door and wait at the second, if a staff member does not see you, please ring the doorbell.  We will go over your feeding schedule and take final or first payment at this time. We ask that we keep your cat(s)’ carrier in case of emergency. 
First Stay – You are welcome to come into the kennel and help us set up their space. 
Stays after the First – You will be welcomed to come into our lobby area to make your payment and confirm your kitties feeding schedule but, we will set them up in their room once you have left to keep foot traffic in the kennel minimal for the comfort of our scaredy and grumpy kitties. 

What to Pack 

We supply:  

  • Litter box  
  • Litter – please bring your own if you have a tree nut allergy and please advise our staff 
  • Cat post  
  • Stainless steel dishes  
  • Extra beds & blankets 
  • Temptations & cat nip 

What we want you to bring:  

  • 1 blanket/towel/item of clothing 
  • 1 Bed or a second blanket/towel/item of clothing 
  • **We request that you send at least 2 items that smell like home, if your kitty will be in a premium or executive room 3 items are best 
  • Toys – if they can fit under the door, they may be lost! 
  • Food and treats – please provide us with a scoop for their dry food! We supply a scale if needed.

We do not accept:  

  • Dishes – if your cat suffers from kitty acne, please let us know and please supply us with ceramic or glass dishes. Please note that accidents happen and sometimes things break! 
  • Litter Boxes 
  • Cat Posts  
  • Cat cams  

We do accept:  

  • Water fountains & auto feeders but we require that you send an extension cord of at least 6ft (8 is recommended) 
  • Litter but we will use our own boxes 
  • **Please let us know if you will be bringing these things as we set up the rooms a head of your planned arrival time 

Pick up:  

We, along with your pet(s), will be packed up and waiting for you to arrive! Please note that we pack your kitty into their carrier about 5 minutes before your planned arrival time, if you are going to be late, we ask that you give us a call so that your kitty doesn’t have to sit in their carrier for too long. 

Please come through the first door and wait at the second for someone to assist you. There is a doorbell at the second door if a staff member does not see you right away. 

Weekend Appointments 

The main lobby to our building is closed on the weekends, please call our office at your appointment time to let us know that you are here. For Viewings and Drop off we will come down and let you in. If you are a regular client, it is easiest to prepay and let us come down and grab your kitty from you. For Pick up, we will come down and bring you your kitty. 


Flea Protection 

Q: Why is this required?  
A: We accept kitties who go outside and who live with dogs. Some of our staff members also have pets who go outside. We do not want your pet to go home with extra passengers.  

Q: What type of flea protection should be used?  
A: We accept vet grade flea protection, brands we suggest are NextGuard, Selavectine, Revolution and Advantage. 

Q: What is flea protection? 
A: The brands we suggest carry 30-90 day doses that kill active fleas and protect from active and inactive fleas. This is just an ointment that goes on the back of the neck and works once dry.  

Q: Do you accept flea collars?  
A: Yes, but we do not suggest them. We do not suggest collars at the kennel in general as the cats are unsupervised at night. Flea collars can also cause tummy upset for the kitties if they lick them too much or get out of them and eat them. 


Q: What kind of litter do we supply?  
A: We supply Naturally Fresh Ultra Odor Control and Simply Fresh Pellets for you to choose between.  

Q: Why can’t we supply our own litter?  
A: This is about storage, cleanliness and ease for our staff. Having the same litter throughout the kennel allows us to know where smells are coming from so, we can clean them and make it easier for us to monitor how much kitties are peeing and pooping. We also are very limited on storage at this facility.  If your kitty has special needs or you have a tree-nut allergy please talk to our staff!

Our Daily Schedule  

This looks different every day based on appointments, number of cats and number of staff.  

We start our day with a feed and clean. We clean every litter box, get everyone breakfast and clean water. Wet food dishes are refreshed daily, and dry food as needed. During this time your kitty has a chance to come out of their room and explore.  

Midday we have what we call cuddle time. This is a time for your kitty to come out of the room with one-on-one attention with a staff member. They can explore, cuddle, play, etc. This time is theirs’ to do whatever they please.  

We end our day with checking the rooms over, cleaning litter boxes if needed and feeding everyone dinner.  

We feed up to 3 times per day. 

Window Rooms 

We have limited exterior window rooms, but there are windows in all our common areas. If your kitty does not go outside at home, an exterior window is not necessary for their stay. If your kitty is shy, we would also not suggest a window room as they can become overstimulated. All our rooms have windows that face the interior of the kennel and there is lots of action! We have staff members here all day with the kitties and we interact with them even when it is not their turn. They can also watch the other kitties and other appointments.